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Suzanne Morgan Williams is the author of the middle grade novel, Bull Rider (Margaret K. McElderry Books), the YA novel, Sierra Blue, and eleven nonfiction children's books with more books on the way. From the time she wrote her first book, Made in China, Ideas and Inventions from Ancient China, (Pacific View Press) to the present, her work has taken her into classrooms to connect with students, to universities and museums to work with experts, and to communities to share experiences. For more about her books and awards, click here.

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Suzanne has traveled four times to the Canadian Arctic to work with Inuit people, writing The Inuit (Franklin Watts, 2003), and has worked with Indian people from various tribes on books and projects. She is known for careful on site research, which for Bull Rider included interviewing professional bull riders, ranchers, and care givers who work with severely wounded veterans. For her work in progress, a historical novel set in Plymouth Colony in 1660, she has consulted with historians and visited relevant sites and libraries in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. She learned a lot about herbs, English history, and the politics of religion in the 17th century.

Suzanne is a former teacher, a speaker, and workshop leader. She’s worked in all kinds of classrooms from autistics to ESL, from pre-K to middle school and high school. She has teaching credentials in Washington and California as well as a Montessori Certificate and an M.Ed. in Early Childhood Education. For information on her speaking and school visits, click here. Authors interested in school visit consultations, curriculum development, or mentorships, click here.

I'm often asked about my childhood. I was born and raised in Northern California. I always loved animals, drawing, and listening to stories. My grandparents lived with us for several years and their stories were the best. Since my birthday was in the summer, I had Halloween parties instead of birthday parties. I played the flute and always seemed to have a cat. Their names? Sylvester, Taffy, Kitty, Liza, Cornell, Peaches, and Tae.

I was in the high school band and worked on the school newspaper. I went to the university, but I quit after two years and spent a year working in Boston. At the end of that time, I finished college with a new appreciation for education. After college I taught outdoor education and now can name most of the types of trees in the Sierra Nevada. 

I moved to Oregon and met my husband there. We’ve moved up and down the West Coast for his job. I continued teaching and began writing while we raised three children and kept dozens of pets. We are now happily settled in Reno, Nevada. Click here for photos 


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